Boiler Failure Just In Coldest Snap For Decades Solved Instantly

I had a call from a near neighbour the other week, asking me whether my tame handyman was able to fix boilers.   I did think at the time this was proffered more in hope than expectation.  Sadly I was unable to assist him on this ocasion.    Firstly I don’t even have a handyman, tamed or otherwise, but I do have a perpetual contract for boiler maintenance.  I cannot tell you how many times I have counted my blessings  for this contract, despite often wondering whether the monthly fee was worth it . . . .  I needed the assistance of the very prompt and thoughtful engineer on two occasions last winter which led on to him having to come back to replace various valves and two pipes connected with the pressure in the airing cupboard tank.   It only took him a short while to realise what was needed, a little longer to get hold of the parts needed, but in a two week period of the coldest period we’d known for decades, the boiler got fixed in as short a time as possible.  Hurrah.