Boilerman Proves His Contract Is So Worth Keeping On

I had a rather strange episode with my heating as few weeks ago.  My heating and boiler contractor did come out to my urgent request, as 3 of my main radiators were not heating up, firstly I realised the rooms were chilly, despite turning up the thermostat.  I then noticed that the rooms were freezing and the radiators were ot heating at all.  That’s when I rang my contractor, who knowing I live alone with certain needs, came round as soon as he could.  That’s the beauty of engaging a contractor – the monthly fee may seem an unecessary expediture but in times of need, it is so worth every penny.   He immediately diagnosed that the thermostatic radiator valves were now dead – apparently this happens after several years of use.  In fact he was very impresed when I reminded him that I engaged his firm 18 years ago and I’d been in the house for 4 years prior.   He whizzed out to his van and found new ones – he even showed me how to fit them but did the job for me anyway.  Hurrah, continual heat is back on demand!