Changing Our Mindset To Use Less Fuels

Paul | May 8, 2022

There is supposed to be a shift towards greener energy in the next few years.  We’ve had climate change conferences that have brought together the world leaders  to pontificate and make sweet music to the vast numbers of ordinary folk.  …..

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Energy Price Hikes Triggers Lower Thermostats

Paul | March 18, 2022

Oh my word if there was ever a time to become au fait with thermostatically controlled radiator valves!  Energy prices have risen far more than anyone ever predicted – due to two major factors.  Firstly the reliance on soviet fuel…..

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Tin Bath & Fireside Comforts

Paul | January 11, 2022

Now that winter is fully upon us, we ae banging on the central heating like there was no tomorrow.   The temptation to turn it up just another notch is overwhelming sometimes.  When we my faily were small we had no…..

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Getting Into Habit Of Not Wasting Energy

Paul | November 21, 2021

With climate change being so prominently in our minds – sometimes, we are now facing the prospect of having to find alternative means of heating our water and homes.  Those of us at the older end of the age rainbow…..

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Moving On From Kindling To Fully Automated Heating

Paul | May 16, 2021

In the seriously olden days there was not a lot of choice about heating our homes, you gathered the kindling wood i.e. bits and bobs of twigs and branches, and having learnt how to strike stones sharply enough to make…..

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Nursing The Boiler Along Between Services

Paul | March 18, 2021

We’ve had a very peculiar year as far as wintery weather is concerned.  We could be forgiven for thinking we have just started saying goodbye to winter.  Oh no, this most certainly is not the case.   On the latest news…..

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Checking The Heating Engineer Is Trained, Certified & Insured

Paul | January 13, 2021

There are of course different types of boilers and in this day and age, it’s not often that you get to choose the boiler for your own home unless the existing one irretreivably breaks down and your engineer suggests a…..

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Choosing the Right Boiler

paulshepard | December 11, 2020

Installing another boiler is a noteworthy choice for you as a mortgage holder and as a long haul duty, care ought to be taken to consider both your present and future needs. There are a few viewpoints to consider including…..

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Why You Should Replace Your Boiler

paulshepard | November 11, 2020

As your boiler gets more seasoned it winds up wasteful and frequently temperamental prompting more breakdowns and expanded vitality use. That implies the expense of utilizing your boiler will increment after some time until there is where it turns out…..

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From Coppers To Wall Mounted Easy Start Boilers

Paul | October 7, 2020

We are so very lucky to be living in an age that benefits from the discoveries and feats of engineering have ensured hot water and heating are available in just about every home in the UK.  There really are only…..

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