Changing Our Mindset To Use Less Fuels

There is supposed to be a shift towards greener energy in the next few years.  We’ve had climate change conferences that have brought together the world leaders  to pontificate and make sweet music to the vast numbers of ordinary folk.   There are those also who call themselves climate ambassadors.   And there are yet more who take direct action.  They call themselves climate savers and activists – gluing themselves to oil and petrol lorries or stopping aeroplanes taking off.  It’s true our modern lifestyle is wrecking this planet fast.  In a couple of centuries we have completely demolished some parts of it.  But in previous times, millions of years ago, we had the ice age, the bronze age, etc. each age has brought a crashing end to the previous one.  Mind you, not through man’s own direct action it has to be said.   so we are now faced with changing how we heat our water and feed the central heating.  We also need to look at permanently using less of every fossil fuel.  However we don’t have reliably sufficient sustainable alternatives yet.   We need to design everything to eat less fuel and we have to get used to not having everything so conveniently to hand.