Check Thermostat Before Calling Out Boilerman

Sometimes these little jobs get overlooked, especially in the heat of the summer when the last thing on our minds is central heating.   We had an amusing but very embarrassing incident.  After a hot summer and  warm start to autumn, we were suddenly plunged into a cold damp spell.    After trudging around in hefty sweaters and all lookng venomously at each other, we gave in and put the heating on.  We switched it from off to ‘twice a day’ . . . waited . . .  nothing happened.  The boiler was already on for the water but no heat came from the radiators.   Mild panic started an we rang the guys with whom we hold a valued yearly contract. . .  As always we got prompt call out and the first thing he did was check the thermostat.  No, we’d not thought to look – when it was turned off in spring, one of us had turned the thermo down to 10 Deg.  However when he put it to our usual default 20 Deg, he pointed out that the wall mounted thermo should be regularly vacuumed  with the brush – to dislodge dust that wafts around and clog the  vent.   Although embarrassing, we did learn two tricks that have not been forgotten!