Checking The Heating Engineer Is Trained, Certified & Insured

There are of course different types of boilers and in this day and age, it’s not often that you get to choose the boiler for your own home unless the existing one irretreivably breaks down and your engineer suggests a complete replacement.  Most housing developers have a contract with a major supplier of boilers and central heating systems, so you get the builk standard one that has worked satisfactorily for 99.9% of the time.    There are different methods of fueling the system too.  Most families will be attached to the mains gas supply which these days is totally trusted and considered to be the cheapest to run.  Then possibly the next system would be oil – a tank sits out in the garden and is filled on a regular contract basis with heating oil.   Coal fired and electric also feature.  What is critical with all the types of water and central heating is the need for a fully qualified and properly experienced engineer who holds current certification for any system they touch, and who is personally insured for more than adequate public liabiliy.