Energy Price Hikes Triggers Lower Thermostats

Oh my word if there was ever a time to become au fait with thermostatically controlled radiator valves!  Energy prices have risen far more than anyone ever predicted – due to two major factors.  Firstly the reliance on soviet fuel pipelines has become unstable due to the war currently sweeping that area.  Also, the UK energy controllers have scrapped a price cap that was holding prices artificially low.  For example, my own fuel bill, a budget plan spread over 12 months was at £110 per months for just the gas and electricity.  Two months ago it had risen to £150 and next month it will be £190.  I used to pay £150 for all the fuel plus home phone line, all calls, mobile phone and calls plus my broadband.   for someone living alone it now seems a huge hike and I am trying to remember to turn off all lights after leaving an area.  I also have to turn down radiators and shut off unused rooms.  But keeping down the thermostat in the hall by just a point or two helps greatly.   The heating itself will be turned off as soon as this current frosty weather disappears!