Ensuring You Bag The Right Boiler Engineer

There are many different types of heating for houses these days.   We have the conventional boiler run on gas which heats all the hot water, which in turn is stored in a lagged hot water tank, and also runs hot water through to the radiators to form the central heating element.   After a time the radiators will make a clanking sound as they heat up and cool down – it’s the metal expanding and contracting and sounds worse if there’s air in the system.  To get rid of the air, which causes all sorts of noise, it also affects the performance of the radiator, making it less warm.   anothe rkind of heating system is via an range like a raeburn or aga, often run on oil, or gas.  These massive cast iron monuments are much favoured in country houses as they not only heat water and feed radiators, the main part is a cooker – thus feeding the life and soul of the home!  Getting the appropriate heating engineer for your type of system is critical to ensure it keeps working as efficiently as possible for as long as possible.