Getting Into Habit Of Not Wasting Energy

With climate change being so prominently in our minds – sometimes, we are now facing the prospect of having to find alternative means of heating our water and homes.  Those of us at the older end of the age rainbow have less to worry about – the proposed changes will take so long to come into force that we are less likely to meet a crunch scenario any time soon.   Our homes are expected to keep us safe and warm.  We have to use some form of energy to do this and we have to generate sufficient hot water for our daily needs too, without wasting this energy by storing too much.   Currently about 22% of the UKs carbon emissions escape from our homes.  The biggest waste is by heating our homes with old and inefficient boilers and then letting much of this expensive heat be wasted through badly fitting windows, doors, loft hatches etc. etc.   Having an efficient heating system with good, easy to use controllers will help reduce each familie’s carbon footprint.     The government is setting targets for reduction in greenhouse gases and there are various agencies designed to help the householder to use much less than they do now.