Heating Controllers Need To Be Easy To Navigate

It’s a funny time of year just now – supposed to be the height of summer and yet we’re experiencing the wettest and windiest weather we’ve seen for years.  But having said that, we have had some peculiar weather patterns over the last ten years or so.  Apparently each symmer has been hotter than the previous and that was one that broke all records since they first began etc. etc.   This makes the case for having the most easily controllable heating system.  The controls needs to be easy so that if you suddenly need to put the heating back on for a period, be that an hour or two or a day, it must be an easy enough function for everyone in the house to manage.  I have a deep dislike of the hour changes in March and October because even though my house is not all that old, the boiler timer controls are really complicated and I’ve had to have my heating contractor change them for me.  It took years to get the hang of the Press Set and + or Set and – for this or that action.