Knowing Your Heating Chap From Your Plumbing Chap

When you own a house with a boiler fed heating system, it can sometimes be a puzzle as to who should you call in if any part of that operation begins to let you down.  Or you get a bang and fiz but no heating or hot water.    Getting the right person for the job is imperative but firstly let’s look at how we have any of these services to start with.  Plumbing is a phrase that was about fromm Roman times – from the piping that was made from lead ‘plumbum’ now referenced on the periodic table.  Modern plumbing of course no longer uses lead pipes and our polumbers spend much of their working time actually removing these from properties.  They had to be banned when particles of lead were found in water supplies.    Heating engineers concentrate solely on the working of the heating system which includes the piping and machinery to for the heating system – they generally do not get involved with piping or plumbing for any other purpose.

In essensce a good plumber will often know their way around a  heating boiler and system and a heating engineer will be experienced in wet and dry piping systems.   Just ensure whoever comes knows what you require and is qualified to work on it.