Looking At Boiler & System Service Options

When you look over any house for sale, it is really well worth checking what sort of boiler has it got, is it really old and tatty; do the radiators turn out a decent heat, quickly and without too many niffs or clouds of smoke.   The conveyancing solicitor will send a questionnaire out to the vendor to check that the system is fully working without any faults or problems and requiring proof that it’s been serviced to a basic degree within the last year.   To inherit a second hand boiler is always a poor substitute to having a spanking brand new one but life can’t throw up roses all the time.    Ensuring the existing boiler works as efficiently as possible requires a jobbing plumber who knows everything there is to know about y our system and will service it annually.   Unless any boiler is run for 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, it’s very unlikely that a domestic boiler would need more than one service per 12 months.