Moving On From Kindling To Fully Automated Heating

In the seriously olden days there was not a lot of choice about heating our homes, you gathered the kindling wood i.e. bits and bobs of twigs and branches, and having learnt how to strike stones sharply enough to make a flame, then that was basically it.

Today things are just a little more organised on the one hand, but a whole lot easier for the user.  Having a fantastic boiler on the wall with a timer that you set to start and stop it at the same times is really convenient.  It does mean that we rely on a the most fantastic industry to provide the gas/electricity/lpg/oil to run the system.  That in turn employs massive numbers of folk out there manufacturing the parts; more folk able to install and make it all work;  water and other power to run along side it all and of course the maintenance guys who come out once a year to ensure it does all keep working without a hitch.   Easy for the user but not without tremendous technology behind it all.