My Dear Old Boiler Still Ideal, If Not Quite A Spring Chicken

I had a funny occurence recently,when my boiler ontractor had been called in a couple of times to cure leaking pipework in the airing cupboard.   It looked pretty serious and I feared the worst as the system is still the original from where we moved in to this house brand new, some 22 years ago.   However, during the first couple of visits, I had a letter from said contractor, confirming their ball park figuere to rip out existing boiler and replace with new modern combi, with associated chemcial flushing of the whole system etc.  It seemed a good price and came as a bolt out of the blue as I didn’t recall any such conversation . . . .  When I rang to confirm I would like to go ahead, my poor contractor was immensly embarrassed to tell me they’d addressed the quote to the wrong customer and it wasn’t appropriate for my property!  We saw the funny side of this, but it prompted me ask them for a quote to update my boiler.  They were upfront and said that until the governmemnt makes up its mind as to which direction they want households to go with boilers, and offer proper grants for that action, my dear old boiler, which was top of the range at installation, would still be adequate and as good as ever for another few years.