Nothing Seriously Replacing The Gas Boiler Yet

There are still heated debates occuring online as to how to interpret the government rules and laws surrounding the supply of new gas boilers from 2025 onwards.   The actual siuation appears clearer in that there is not a blanket ban on new boilers persay, just that housing developers and buildings will not be able to obtain new gas boilers after 2025 for new build projects only.  In current homesteads, we can replace our current gas boiler with one that can be proven to be ovr 85% efficient.   In order for a 2035 ban on new boilers, to be in any way realistic, extremely rapid progress would need to be made in the design and growth of alternative methods of heating for domestic properties.   Even with the all of progress currently seen, and that is not much to go by, then it is  unlikely that a countrywide ban will make gas boiler replacements an impossible feat.