Nursing The Boiler Along Between Services

We’ve had a very peculiar year as far as wintery weather is concerned.  We could be forgiven for thinking we have just started saying goodbye to winter.  Oh no, this most certainly is not the case.   On the latest news bulletin, the weather segment was quite clear that after a few days of relative warmth and springlike dryness, we were heading into another couple of weeks of very cold, possibly frosty weather.  Now for some that may not cause any ripple of excitement, but at the moment, this household is carefully nursing the boiler along until the next service time.  The unit is many years old and has not mishebaved ever in all those years – until recently when a vital part gave up the ghost.  We have a much valued annual contract whereby our boiler and total heating system is checked over and has to be kept running or repaired.  What a fantastic decision it was to take out that contract all those years ago.  Gives peace of mind and security that all will remain well – evern if a little fragile now and again!