Old Fashioned Boiler & Heating Engineers Appreciated

Checking in whether one is eligible for a grant towards the replacement of our old central heating and hot water boilers is a bit daunting.  I personally don’t like clicking to start such an enquiry, only to discovr that I get phone calls from every supplier in the kingdom as a result of the cookies letting them know what I’m up to!  There comes a time however when we must bite the bullet and we have to accept that the boiler could be on its way out and that shiny new more efficient little number is now overdue.  I have looked at the goverment energy saving page online and its not that easy to work out if I could get help with this expenditure.    I have had a domestic heating company come and service my boiler every year for nearly twenty years now and I like the reassurance they give when checking over the noisy old thing on the wall.  So far its still classed as in excellent condiition and with several more years left in the tank – because I’ve been a regular customer for so long, they have never tried to upsell me something just to make money.  A good old fashioned engineer won’t rip off ayone.