Replacing Old Boiler Should Be A Doddle

We have sll become pretty used to having central heating in our homes these days.  Very nice it is too.  I just cannot imagine having to live anywhere that did not have heating these days.  I do remember when I…..

Ensuring You Bag The Right Boiler Engineer

Paul | May 19, 2019

There are many different types of heating for houses these days.   We have the conventional boiler run on gas which heats all the hot water, which in turn is stored in a lagged hot water tank, and also runs hot…..

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Looking At Boiler & System Service Options

Paul | April 4, 2019

When you look over any house for sale, it is really well worth checking what sort of boiler has it got, is it really old and tatty; do the radiators turn out a decent heat, quickly and without too many…..

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