Personal Preparations For Energy Crisis

There has been an unheard of and definitely unexpected upheaval in the normlly calm and orderly disrtribution of our utilities in the kingdom of late.   As we are unable to dictate the narrative we have to accept the constant rise in price of our fuel.  This will inevitably leave some older people scared to put any heating on.  It will be down to family and observant neighbours to check on and ensure older folk are not harming themselves Energy Crisis by taking this drastic action.

There are various ways we can all keep warm at home –  allowing us to turn the thermo down, or if it’s not too cold, keep it off for a few more hours.  Make curtains and blinds cover the space effectively – it’s amazing how much cold air comes off glass.  But windows should not be sealed up as air needs to circulate.  Wearing thermal underwear is very effective under layers of clothing – warmer than one heavy one.  Wearing gloves in the house – heavy duty rubber work gloves do keep the hand warm even out of water!  Also scarves and wooly hats in the house – if the neck and head get cold, the whole body reacts.