Taking The Case For Electric Storage Heating

There’s probably not that many people who get up every day and think about their central heating system.  When it’s cold we will give a grateful little nod across to the radiator and that’s it.  When we need to istall a heating system from scratch, there are a few major considerations starting with gas or electricity . . .  There are many different types hot water and central heating systems out there.   So here are a few considerations for choosing electric:    With electronic, the main form of heating is by storage heaters which store heat at night when the power tarrif tends to be cheaper – then slowly releases the heat during the day.   They are much easier to install than a gas system.  The downside is that electricity tends to be more expensive per unit than than gas despite storing with night time electricity.  You do have a little ability to control the heat released, it needs to be planned ahead to ensure the storage heater harvest enough energy to keep the house warm all through the day.