Tossing Up When To Change The Boiler

There has been so much in the news and media about the new rules regarding gas central heating boilers in the UK.    Apparently we are not able to buy and install new gas boilers after 2025.  We are however able to put in a new boiler before then.  Anyone who has a well maintained boiler, even a few years old, is ok keeping it in place, there is no requirement as yet to rip out all the boilers in the country – only the ones that don’t operate properly.  The new style boilers will operate completely differently but will have to work with existing infrastructure.  I am going to have a new gas boiuler fitted next year – before any deadlines are set in.  My boiler maintenance team have suggested that my pipework in and out of the boiler and to the radiators is still very good ao no need to change up on those, so all good there!