Trying Not To Waste Heated Energy

There are many and varied heating systems for domestic properties these days.  Of course we are supposed to be making fervent efforts to rid ourselves of the reliance on fossil fuels – but this is proving a little more difficult than first envisaged.    The coal man no longer calls – coal fires being very much a memory.  There are log burners which were hailed as very much the in thing to replace conventional fires – but these seem to be contributing to the emissions problem just the same.  Of course, we could try not heating our homes and going back to the caveman system of wearing animal skins to keep warm.   I do know of one house – a heritage property with a modern heat exchange system that converts energy from the water in its lake, via it’s exchange unit with glychol.  All these ideas are in order to save this planetbut it can’t be just by buying systems alone.  Everybody has to step up and make changes themselves in the way we dress, move, eat.  Everything must be thought about so we don’t waste any energy but use it only for the best purposes.