Tweaking The Log Burning Operation

There was tremendous excitement when it became possible to install wood burners into our actual home.  The idea of these very cosy ‘cheap to run’ heating devices was to be able to burn off any garbage the family didn’t want to take down the tip.  However, they are now becoming a bit of a problem for the families that still have the first generation stoves which do not have ultra safe seals and methods of reducing the particulates that flood the air as soon as the stove door opens.   Folk who are on the greener side of life thought themselves fairly up with it as soon as they had a stove or burner installed and would have parties – the same as the fantastic idea of patio warming stoves.  In fact everyone around actually got treated to more than just well burnt burgers.  These days though, by regulating what can be burned in such a stove and banning the most polluting products, it seems that these stoves have managed an 11th hour rescue to live another day.