Which Kind Of Boiler Or Heating System To Choose

We are currently experiencing the worst spikes in energy fuel prices than we have ever before.  A combination of not getting our nuclear power programme up and running efficiently has contributed to a massive shortfall in the source of our gas.    Most european countries have relied heavily on the soviet pipe lines but we have gone a differnt route which has allowed gas to flow but at an extraordinarily high price.   There are many reasons why folk are reluctant to put their heating on but the most obvious is the sheer cost.  There will be hundreds of vulnerable folk out there in months to come who will not put the heating on at all because they cannot pay the bill at the end of the day.  The Boilers in many homes are not very efficient so the government has encouraged swapping to different types of heating systems – a myriad of ideas are now available.  Its just knowing which type of boiler we ned to run the heating in our homes.